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Head Office: 25, Oluwatosin Street, Along Ajuwon Road, Iju Ishaga, Lagos State. Nigeria.
Mexico: Calle 13-0 #671 X-74A Y-74B, Gran Santa Fe, Caucel, Yucatan, Mexico Postal code 97314
Phone: +2348034646213, +2348037213392, +525539738438

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About Us
Wheels Of Hope Rising Foundation aim at impacting on every facet of human endeavors. Yet under this condition majority of our women and children live as if these scientific developments are a fairy tale...
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Everybody is welcome to partner with us, as far as you are having passion and interest for the less privileged in the society. We love to partner with you as individual also...
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Our Projects
Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation is focusing on two major areas which are Education Support to the rural areas including discovering potentials and giving educational support to them...
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