Our Project Hope Team

We are proud to have a dynamic team with great passion to give hope to the hopeless without discrimination of color, disability, location and language. Our amiable team is made up of young talented youth that share the same common goal of putting smile in people’s faces and with their great passion, they have come together from various background to make many mighty men/women.

And our teams are vital to the success of our foundation and Hope project in Nigeria; they are passionate and committed to our objectives, mission and goals.

Adigun Temitayo, President/CEO Temitayo has been trained in a number of national and international leadership workshops. He brings extensive experience in driving sustainable peace, share governance, fundraising, strategic planning, impact assessment, resources allocation and speaking on pressing nation and international issues most especially on education, inclusiveness, girls right, women stress and water stewardship. He intends to effectively contribute to WHRF's strategic goal of aggressive outreach to give hope to hopeless and underprivileged, which include respecting the right of people with disability, participating in IDPs interventions, promoting education for all, and creating access to quality healthcare. A seasoned Project /Plant Engineer, Temitayo has served in various capacities in different multinational companies like FrieslandCampina, Coca Cola, Olam Nigeria and many more, He is now a business consultant for both profit and nonprofit organizations. He’s also a Board Member of Africa Rural Development Movement Organization (ARUDMO) – Ghana and World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization (WPPHPORG) – India Temitayo Co-found the Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation (WHRF) based on his experience while growing up; moved by the level of poverty and hopelessness faced by several underprivileged children he encountered, his passion aroused to join in the combat against hopeless in rural communities. A graduate of Mechanical Engineering, Temitayo has a Masters in Financial Management from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria. He is also an alumnus of the Lagos Business School (Pan Africa University) where he bagged various certificates in Leadership Sustainability, Stakeholder Management and many more. He also possesses a Certificate in Financing for Development from the World Bank group, via courser. Temitayo is a certified Community Development Advocate and has received various awards from the Young Africa Leader Initiatives (YALI NETWORK) under Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State (Climate Change Champion, Women Inclusiveness Advocate, Rural Education Champion, And Human Right Champion).
Taiwo Ahmed, Vice President Ahmed is passionate about ensuring rural dwellers gain access to good healthcare services and continues to have wide-ranging impact on the fight to improve the lives of underprivileged families and their communities through the vision of the WHRF. He also advocates for easy accessibility to clean renewable and clean energy economy. Ahmed is a graduate of Food Technology; with a Master in Marketing from the Ladoke Akintola University of technology, Nigeria, a member of the National Institute of Marketing Nigeria, the Nigeria Institute of Food Science and Technology and the Nigerian Institute of Management. Ahmed has attended various National and International training/workshops which has broadened his horizon on leadership, team engagement in achieving corporate goal and creating resilient value chain which he employs in driving WHRF Sustainable Rural Impact driven Model (SRIDM). He also has a high level of experience in manufacturing and process. Ahmed is an ardent believer of an ‘everything is possible’’ world who live with the saying ‘’to keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it’’. His goal is to develop a mindset for success and deploy motivational tools to enhance corporate and personal growth through sustainability leadership approach.
Adesanya Segun, Director of Administration Abiodun has organized issue around human rights for the past 4 years with WHRF, leading several campaigns on girls and women inclusiveness; He’s actively involved in promoting gender equality, grassroots development and quality rural education likewise organizing student activities related towards knowing and protecting their fundamental human rights. Abiodun drives hygiene and cleanest procedure and awareness campaign especially in the IDP camps in Nigeria to prevent sickness and disease. A graduate of Microbiology from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria, MBA in finance (in view) from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology and a member of Jet Club with lots of medals. Abiodun is he formal President of the Drug Free club, and presently the Vice-Chairman of a CDA GROUP.
Amidu Adewale, Director of Finance Adewale focuses more on financing for sustainability development and leveraging on various financial instruments to support the vision of WHRF and contribute objectively towards global goals. He is an investment strategist and finance analyst, He advises WHRF on how to develop long-term portfolio investment strategies with a focus on impact and ripple effect initiatives for Africa’s opportunity set and donor mandate. Adewale has his first degree in Accounting and PGD in Financial Management Excel at interfacing with others at all levels to ensure organizational goals are attained. Committed and hardworking, Adewale Possesses excellent interpersonal, analytical, and organizational skills. He demonstrates advanced problem-solving skills and thrives under pressure. A dynamic, self-disciplined and result-oriented professional with the ability to adapt fast and the willingness to work with little or no supervision in challenging environments.
Engineer Akinwale Olademji Ogunmodede, Director of Project Engineer Akinwale is a lifelong equality, zero hunger and human rights advocate who is committed to propagating a just and equitable world through driving the Sustainable Rural Impact Driven model (SRIDM) of the. Engineer Akinwale is a graduate of Civil Engineering from Ondo State University, a member of the Nigeria Society of Engineer (NSE), a COREN certified Highway Engineer and a Principal residence Engineer at the Federal ministry of power, works and housing Abuja. Engineer Akinwale as managed lot of Multi-Billion Naira projects for the Federal government of Nigeria and led various team on project compliance. He presently works on the dualization and re-construction of the Lagos Ibadan dual carriage way. Engineer Akinwale believes in innovating and impacting lives. Love traveling, football, basket ball and cooking. Husband to olubukola omobolaji Ogunmodede and blessed with kids.
Shola Akintonde, Director of Program Shola continues to help lead WHRF’s efforts at promoting education, advocating for empowerment of special abilities in disabled and winning quality and affordable healthcare for all and other major initiatives for the foundation by strengthening alliances with community groups. Shola’s a certified Logistics and Supply Chain professional by the National Institute of Transport Technology (NITT) and a member of National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN). He also holds an MBA in Marketing Management. Shola is a leader with great expertise in customer service and logistics - warehouse operations management, inventory control, material handling, transport planning and strategy, reverse logistics management, projects/change management, process improvement, demand management, supply planning, S&OP management, stakeholders engagement and performance measurement. He is passionate about excellent service delivery.
Faniyi Olawale Adesina, Director of Media and Activation Olawale is a radical activist for national and local peace, nonviolence and social justice within every community. Olawale has dedicated his time to investigating and exposing assaults on justice and human dignity starting from rural community to promote gender equality Olawale is a graduate of Elect/Elect Engineering. He has an MBA in marketing and at the moment a Masters student in Business Psychology from the University of South Wales UK. He is a member of the Institute of Direct Sales and Marketing Management. A certified negotiator from Transatlantic Negotiation School, California with over a decade experience in FMCG spanning through production, safety, modern trade and at the moment the Alternative Trade Channels Manager in FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nig Plc.
Damilola Oyeniyi, Sustainability Expert, Damilola’s committed to labor, confronting the realities of long term care, environmental justice and climate change. She is a radical advocate for women and girls’ inclusiveness towards objective empowerment, education and equality. A graduate of Ladoke Akintola University, Nigeria in 2010 where she got her First degree in Pure and Applied chemistry, he earned her M.Tech degree in MBA from the same institution in 2015. She is an entrepreneur in the making with specific passion for the fashion field; she therefore owns the ‘leecappuz’ fashion line. Damilola is strong willed and persevering. She had her youth service corps in 2011 at Livestock feeds Plc, Ikeja where she served as an analyst and also a customer sales rep until 2012 when she later joined Archy pharmaceuticals where she worked as an analyst till 2015. Damilola is currently running her MSc program in Occupational Health and Safety Management and presently the quality control officer of a developing organization named Greenlifebliss health care LTD. where she has been known for her hard-work and intense contribution to the growth of the organization. .
Adigun Olutosin, Health Expert Olutosin coordinates community education on healthcare, wellbeing and improving lives within rural areas. She has the passion for supporting and creating awareness on child Birth and reducing maternal death, protecting communities from the impact of communicable and non-communicable diseases; coordinating capabilities, measures and activities to control outbreaks and reducing the health impact of public health disasters. She also coordinates public health surveillance activities and communicates information to the public on public health threat protection. She is a certified Nurse and Midwife who has worked in various capacities in the private and public sector ranging from the General Hospital EDE, Jaleyemi Hospital, Osogbo, Community Health Centre Oke-Baale, Osogbo, Lautech Teaching Hospital, Osogbo, Neuropsychiatric Hospital Aro, Abeokuta Theatre experience at General Hospital Asubiaro, Osogbo, Idowu Specialist Hospital, Lagos State, Nigeria and Osuntuyi Medical Centre, Lagos State, Nigeria West Africa. She presently works with one of the General hospital in Lagos State, Nigeria.
Taiwo Yewande, Head Sustainability Yewande has a broad understanding of Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation that comes from being a long-time member, and serving in many volunteer leadership positions at all levels of the organization, She advocates for women inclusion through #Africa4Her and #SheTrade to promote woman and girls empowerment likewise support impact of clean awareness campaign of WHRF which she initiated. Yewande is a graduate of Food technology and also business woman, her slogan and philosophy is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring their rights are respected, their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fears and want and that they can grow up in peace. Everyone deserves the best in life and that’s what WHRF is working. She analyses the long term impact of every program and project before embarking on such to have continuous positive on various communities the initiative is focusing on.
Umosen Mmekeme, Member Mmekeme focuses his current activism on WASH, education, affordable housing locally, and girl’s human rights. A business negotiator that is always looking for a win win at the roundtable, a serial entrepreneur with passion for business startups and youth empowerment, Mmekeme is the Co-founder of Mektee International an indigenous company that’s into food production and supply with a robust online meat platform that provides Nigerians access to fresh meat, livestock and poultry.He Succeeded in a roundtable negotiation with Window Limited as the Sole representative in Nigeria and is also strong in taking proactive steps to support the Sustainable Development Goals.
Ogah Sylvester, Member Sylvester demonstrate unique interested for child education, most especial advocating for girls right, and health awareness at the grassroots and has special commitment for wellbeing of internally displaced children and champion humanitarian initiatives that make WHRF reach thousands of children and families. Sylvester is a graduate of Engineering with experience working with various multinational companies, where he has added great value to the corporate goals. Sylvester believes that the greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.
International Advisory Board Council

The International Advisory Board (IAB) is a uniquely influential group of intelligent business and policy leaders who provide perspectives to the WHRF Council’s president and board. A further goal has been to bring the group’s wisdom to promote sustainable development in Africa and to provide the team with access to leading information in order to achieve the vision of WHRF.

Members have a demonstrated track record of support for objective African development relationship. Its makeup also reflects the rapidly changing nature of the #TransformWHRF to impact more lives and give hope to the hopeless and underprivileged by leveraging on their network and experience to drive impact driven initiative of WHRF towards African development.

Functions of the IAB

The International Advisory Board (IAB) is composed of experts with a broad range of skills. This multidisciplinary International Advisory Board will provide WHRF with strategic guidance at all levels including fund raising, governance of research & educational activities, human resource capacity building, national & international networking to access & share intellectual, financial and material resources in the global arena education, healthcare, disability empowerment, girls and women right, conflict control and proactive solution to bridge poverty gap and rapid development of our rural communities.

Cynthia Cooper - USA, IAB Member Cynthia champions community healthcare development to drive sustainable development through healthcare, education, awareness and training, health care services for parents and costs related to travel, escort, and advocacy for access to medical services, in order to assist communities with access to healthcare Service, She is the president of the 123 HealthCare Connect, Inc. (USA), a Company split into two distinct entities, 123 Health Access, Inc., Links (1-8). And, 123 Connect Plus, Inc., a consulting firm with special passion for Africa development. 123 also compiled focus group data across multicultural communities, by forming collaborations with Latino and among Health Organizations. The Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, (BHC), under the leadership of Dr. Patricia McManus, extended 123's first contract in, November,1994. The project, TKO Tobacco, was staffed and coordinated by 123 for BHC. 123. It was also contracted with the Milwaukee Public School System to review the in school nursing programs to organize standards of operation. 123 Health Access - A non-profit organization working with communities advocates for Cynthia lead "Campaign for Our Children - Milwaukee,' a multi-media campaign to aid in the improvement of teen pregnancies.”Give Me Five- Immunize" was also a multi-media campaign to improve the low rates of immunizations in children by age two, throughout the state of Wisconsin.
Jorge A Fuentes Zapata - Mexico, IAB member Jorge’s specializations include international and grassroots development, international and comparative politics and human rights, and women's rights and roles. Jorge is an honor graduate in Business Management from the Humber College institution of Technology, he has advanced learning and works as a Marketing manager for an inflatable games manufacturer called Azteca Inflatable S.A de C.V. He is an investor in a world leading cement company CEMEX and also invests in Exchange-Traded-Fund in Mexico. Jorge is passionate for helping and lifting people out of poverty, improving communities in sustainable ways and has a vision to impact the future of Nigeria, Africa and the entire world. Jorge is concerned about achieving the sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in time. He is working hard to expand the partnership for the foundation in the European and North America, in order to improve the impact of the foundation and bridge poverty gap. Jorge head our Europe liaising office.
Adigun Desmond – Nigeria, IAB member Desmond pushes to ensure that development is sustainable and available for all in rural communities in Africa and Nigeria. Before moving to Europe, Desmond championed a children education program with special attention on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and making sure their special abilities are empowered. Desmond is a Senior Partner at Diamond Global Consult; A logistic and business development firm with key service in fund management business and dedicated to long term investment and integrated sustainability research. His responsibility includes all aspects of the global business including portfolio management, sales and client service, risk management and infrastructure investment portfolio. Desmond is a Special Agent of Federal Direct investors (FDI) certified PPP. Study Conflict analysis from the United State Institute of Peace and was awarded Conflict Analyst.
Srinivasa Raje Urs - India, IAB Member Raje is a proactive advocate of child and women right and as part of his human rights passion; he has worked with grassroots organizations to promote equality and inclusiveness. Raje had his first degree in law in 1997, from University of Mysuru. He has been an Advocate from 1998 at the JMFC court, Sessions court, High court; in the area of trail, research, assisting the victims of CEW cases before trial courts. Raje worked 7 years -as program coordinator, organizing legal awareness camps to women and children, and counseling services to women and children, at family counseling and legal service centre, Bishops House Mysur. He organized and served as resources person for women rights, in association with legal services authorities, for more than 100 legal awareness. With various NGO’s in Mysuru district Raje served as a legal resource person for more than 500 legal awareness programs. Raje served as a legal counselor for 8 years in women and child development department as protection officers under Domestic Violence Act. He also served as Child welfare committee member 5 years in Mysuru district. Raje trained stakeholders, of JJ act and dv act. From 9th to 14 July 2013-attended professional Development training on family court practice and justice to women and children at Pondicherry University School of law, attended workshop on justice to children and child rights advocacy at TISS Mumbai, both organized by IBA CLE Chair NLSA, MILAT. Raje presented paper on Dimensions of human trafficking problems and solutions at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi Uttarpradesh, India. He lectures in two colleges in Mysore Karnataka India and St. Joseph Nursing college and Gopala Gowda Nursing college.
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